Schadenfreude Theatre of the Absurd

Is Chagrined To Present

An Abysmally Atrocious Post-Modern Lunatic Vexagonistic Scapegoat Emoperatic Psychodrama

Rocky Horror Brain Cafe

Based On The Hoopiness Project: How Facebook Makes Us Unhoopy

Featuring A Dueteronomic Descant as passionately performed by Caprice, the Fantastic Flying Scapegoat for Azazel

Dilbert & Sullivan Productions


"It ain't over until it ain't over yet."
            ~Yogi Bearly Joust Begun

CopySchlepp 2015 Barsoom Tork Associates.
All Wrongs Reversed.

North American Bupkis, Reclusive Internet Dementors.

"At North American Bupkis, our atrocious song parodies are your existential nightmare."