Humorous Writings
Barry and Beth

Designs of a Mind

Philosophical Writings In My Fortieth Year

Barry Kort

Copyright 1985


  1. On the Similarities and Differences Among Seven Great Men

  2. The Two Most Important Ideas I Ever Pondered

  3. A Possible Credo That One Might Choose to Live By

  4. A Credo to Live By

  5. Hillel Plus Seven

  6. Emotions, Emotional Behavior, Emotional Maturity, and Emotion-Defense Mechanisms

  7. On Expressing Feelings

  8. On Choosing One’s Behavior

  9. On Giving Unwanted Presents

  10. On Caring and Being Cared For

  11. Computer Dialogues

  12. On Causality

  13. On Confusion

  14. On Efficient Person-to-Person Communication

  15. Socratic Dialogues

Humorous Writings

  1. My Impressions of Some Famous People

  2. A Bedtime Story for Marnie and Michelle

  3. The Mayor of Greenville

Barry and Beth

  1. Us

  2. Letters to Beth